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Freedom From The Delusional Ego

freedom from ego

“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.” -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Although Rousseau was mainly referring to human society as a whole, even 250 years ago he understood that humanity can upgrade itself and live in a golden age by returning to nature and living a balanced life at peace with ourselves and each other. It’s almost hard to believe that, as a result of the ego (something that isn’t even fundamentally real), we can come to a point in our timeline where there is a probable possibility of species self-annihilation, whether by accident or by focused intention by the the most megalomaniacal of minds within our human collective. This is a very dangerous way to live and leaves the uncertainty of a bright future, if a future at all, at unsettling heights. It’s time to finally come to terms with how big of a role the human ego plays in all the social and political issues we see all around us and that affect our daily lives. Putting band-aids on the symptoms will not cure the very deep causes of those symptoms.

Thanks to some wonderful luminaries of humanity, we can upgrade our understanding of what ego is from the rather simplistic Freudian view to a model that allows for more complexity. After all, the universe/multiverse as we understand it, is infinite in nature. Within this infinite reality time is irrelevant…the creation of a highly complex non-entity structure-process that has an illusion-generating nature is not an impossibility. The growth, metamorphosis, and transformation of the energy of Infinity can concoct aspects of Reality (algae, poetry, entheogens, lacrosse, etc.), one of them being of such a high level of sophistication that it has influenced the sentient life cycles of entire species like the human race.

Yes, rather than being an actual entity, the ego is a structure-process that has an illusion-generating nature…something that has been backed by not only thousands of years of personal and direct experiences & eastern philosophies, but also by the study of the nature of Reality and its various aspects through quantum physics and other forward-thinking sciences. Having the understanding of what the ego is in this expanded view can help us understand that whenever the ego exists, we exist in a state of confused perception thanks to the generated illusions it creates. This is why activities such as meditation are helpful in the minimization of the ego’s influence over our lives.

Understanding the Illusion

The powerful emotions of anger, fear, envy, and others can be seen as if they were mechanically following tiny signals…as if there was a switch that was pressed. The illusion is that we are seeing something that is an actual experience within an objective reality. However, the fact is that it is mostly a replay of past experience that is modified a little to fit present circumstances. This replay is recorded again in order to add to the previous memory, which ingrains things even deeper, leading us to have a greater conviction in its real-ness. The more we experience in this way, the deeper we get stuck in the illusion. This entire time, we stay in a state of confusion where we think that we are basing our actions on experience itself. The delusional ego has made us prisoners of something that isn’t even real.

Take a look at how prevalent this is in older individuals. The older a person gets, the more ‘experienced’ he or she is in this illusion that has essentially entrained the brain to think a certain way. The older a person is, the more sure he or she is that they “know” what they’re doing, making it very difficult for them to think differently or delineate from the path the illusion has trained them to go down. The essence of such a person’s life is now made up of a series of illusions.

Wouldn’t you like to be free? Wouldn’t you like to be in control of your own life and not have it controlled by something that isn’t even intrinsically real in the first place? You can and you will…if you can over come the great obstacle of fear. This incredibly powerful tool of the ego is a reflex that is set in movement when something that’s identified as very necessary is seen as being threatened. This reflex of fear causes a person to find every possible way of protecting what is felt as being necessary, or it failing this, to create illusions of escape from the approaching danger. In the strong words of physicist David Bohm, “fear confuses, corrodes, and corrupts the mind.”

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Wisdom, Love and Compassion

two girls

Wisdom is knowing we are all one
Love is what it feels like
And compassion is what it acts like

Ethan Walker

Loveism: A Philosophy of Love


Loveism is a Philosophy of Love. It does not cover spirituality or religion.

Loveism is based off 2 human rights, the right to know the Truth and the right to Love.

Truth - For a quick definition of Truth I will quote Wikipedia: “Truth has a variety of meanings, such as the state of being in accord with fact or reality. It can also mean having fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal. In a common usage, it also means constancy or sincerity in action or character. The direct opposite of truth is falsehood, which can correspondingly take logical, factual or ethical meanings”. You will have to become highly interested in finding the truth in any situation you find yourself in, as well as trying to speak the truth yourself. If you constantly have to maintain the lies you have created for your personal benefit, you are wasting time and making life more difficult for those around you. As an individual if you know some information that you know to be truthful you have to disclose that information to the public, if not you are purposely being deceitful. Once you have decided to reveal the truth you have to use everything in your power to spread it.

Power - For a quick definition of Power I will quote Wikipedia: “Power is a measurement of an entity‘s ability to control its environment, including the behavior of other entities. The term authority is often used for power perceived as legitimate by the social structure. Power can be seen as evil or unjust, but the exercise of power is accepted as endemic to humans as social beings. In the corporate environment, power is often expressed as upward or downward. With downward power, a company’s superior influences subordinates. When a company exerts upward power, it is the subordinates who influence the decisions of the leader. Often, the study of power in a society is referred to as politics“. Power can be perceived as an extension of your personality. How you use your power and the actions you take with it directly represents your individuality. In the technological age that we live in, we all have the power to use the internet to directly inject the truth into the public view. That is a large scale view of power, because it enables the individual truth to reach a wide audience in a short period of time.

Knowledge - For a quick definition of Knowledge I will quote Wikipedia: “Knowledge is a familiarity with someone or something, which can include information, facts, descriptions, and/or skills acquired through experience or education. It can refer to the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit (as with practical skill or expertise) or explicit (as with the theoretical understanding of a subject); and it can be more or less formal or systematic. In philosophy, the study of knowledge is called epistemology, and the philosopher Plato famously defined knowledge as “justified true belief.” There is however no single agreed upon definition of knowledge, and there are numerous theories to explain it.

Knowledge acquisition involves complex cognitive processes: perception, learning, communication, association and reasoning; while knowledge is also said to be related to the capacity of acknowledgment in human beings. Knowledge is simply a tool. As an individual, you will have to expand and use your knowledge for the right causes.

Love -Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection”. Love is very difficult to define. I will have to engage in semantics in order to get a definite definition. I argue that love cannot be describe in words, it can only be known. In order to understand love you have to love yourself. You have to love your mistakes as equally as your triumphs. When you love the evil you have done as much as the good you have accomplished, there is no longer good or evil. There is only love. Love is a singularity. I argue that if you don’t love both your mistakes and triumphs, you do not love yourself. I argue that if you don’t love yourself you don’t know what love truly is. Without a true understanding of love, how can one claim to love other people?

As human beings we have the ability to control our emotions. That ability separates us from animals, however with that ability also comes responsibility. As a Loveist your responsibility is to ensure love is the emotion you convey as much as humanly possible.

What do you see is the most common emotion we as a global society use? Anger, Boredom, Desire, Fear or Terror?

I will now explain some metaphors so you can hopefully obtain a better understanding of Loveism:

Imagine the following:

The love you feel towards yourself and others is a brightly glowing candle. Over that candle you have a glass wind barrier to stop the flame going out. The first barrier over your love will be your knowledge. The next barrier will be your power. The next barrier will be the truth.

If someone was trying to blow out your candle, first you would tell them the truth of why you took the actions you took. If they still attempt to blow out your candle, you will use everything in your power to spread the truth behind your actions and your reasons for doing so. If they still attempt to blow out your candle (usually by this time they have resorted to physical violence) you can use your knowledge of the legal system. If all that has failed, a true Loveist would rather die than to give up on love. Personally I am prepared to die for love, I am prepared to give my life for love.

Another metaphor is as follows:

Imagine yourself in a suit of armor. In one hand you have the sword of truth. In the other you have the shield of power. The armor you wear represents your knowledge. The key is the reason why you put on your armor, the reason why you wear your shield, the reason why you pick up your sword. That reason is love.

Those who are opposed to Loveism stand for deception and hate. They are the people who need love the most.

This article has been written by Nicholas Laughlin. You can visit his blog here or contact him via email at

Emergence of Wholeness

meditator unity

Every man has his woman within him and every woman has her man within her. Only the meditator comes to know his or her whole being. Suddenly the inner woman and the inner man melt and merge into each other. That creates an orgasmic state within. Now it is no more a momentary experience that comes and goes; it is something that continues, day in and day out, like the heart beating or breathing.


The Reality of Multidimensionality


We perceive Reality through our senses which convince us that the way in which we experience the world around us is exactly the way it exists. The true nature of Reality, however, is not experienced through this superficial perception of the world and limits the incredible (some say magical) nature of the universe and beyond. Thanks to the new physics led by such luminaries as David Bohm, Ervin Laszlo and Fred Alan Wolf, the collective consciousness now has easy access to the in-formation about the universe showing us that Reality is far more complex and interwoven that we have imagined it to be.

The illusion of a stable dense reality that we call the third dimension can distort our very understanding of what we are, how we are, and why we are. We oftentimes put too much trust in our basics senses without seeing if there is more than meets the eye (oftentimes doing so in order to create simple answers to complex questions). The wonderful truth is that there is much, much more to life than this. The new physics validates many understandings of life, the universe, and Reality as a whole that were experienced by the sages, the mystics, and the meditators of ages past. One of the most incredible validations is the reality of multidimensionality.

David Bohm, one of the most forward-thinking paradigm-shifters of the new physics, had discovered through mathematical equations and actual experiments that the particles that make up matter in the form of a flower, chair, human, etc. are literal “projections of a higher-dimensional reality which cannot be accounted for in terms of any force or interaction between them”. It’s discoveries and proclamations such as this one which have helped establish with larger and larger certainty that we are living and experiencing a world that is a holographic projection out of some primary Reality. It is the understanding of such a fundamental aspect of reality that made physicists such as Albert Einstein and Max Planck to effectively put forward the idea that matter, the way we perceive it to be, does not exist.

When we understand that all is one and that everything is connected to everything else within our lives, the planet and the universe, then we cannot just stop there…we have to expand it far beyond these limitations. David Bohm explained that the “implicate order (the unbroken wholeness of the totality of existence as an undivided flowing movement without borders) has to be extended into a multidimensional reality. In principle, this reality is one unbroken whole, including the entire universe with all its ‘fields’ and ‘particles.’”

Basically, Reality may seem vast, elaborate and complex yet it is ultimately an undivided Whole. We perceive the Whole as something that is incredibly fractioned in all sorts of ways (stars are different from swimming pools which are different from bananas which are different from politics, etc. etc. etc.) yet all of these supposed divisions arise from the same Source field and energy that expresses itself in a unique way as to develop this Source field of energy in as many different configuration patterns as is possible….and anything is possible leaving this truly infinite in its scope.

Accepting the reality of multidimensionality is one of the most significant paradigm shifts that you can have in your lifetime. The way you look at everything changes. You even have the ability to experience reality in a far wider way than you once did since you will be more aware of there being more than what you previously thought there was “out there.” All the seemingly empty space around you will not be empty anymore. Bohm and other physicists have shifted their positions of awareness to see the world through this new lens of wonderment. Bohm said that “what we call empty space contains an immense background of energy, and matter as we know it is a small, ‘quantized’ wavelike excitation on top of this background, like a tiny ripple on a vast sea.”

Looking deeper into these energy ripples on the cosmic sea, physicists have found that in a cubic centimeter of seemingly-empty space, with the shortest possible wave (10^-33 cm), there is far more energy than the total energy of all the physical matter in the known universe. The amazing and incredible nature of this discovery is almost surreal, yet it’s been found to be a very real aspect of our Reality.

Why live in a shadow of what truly is? Let go of all past perceptions about a bland three-dimensional Reality that you may have once had. Understand, experience, and embrace the upgraded reality you can now undoubtedly become aware of. See the incredible magic that you are a part of, since you are multidimensional just as everything else is. Welcome to your new upgraded Reality. Your life will look completely different from here on out.

Enchanting Meditation Magic

Meditation chakra activation

Meditation makes you innocent, it makes you childlike. In that state, miracles are possible. That state is pure magic. A great transformation happens – in innocence you transcend the mind, and to transcend the mind is to become the awakened one, the enlightened one.


Looking Within

internal dialogue

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.

Jiddu Krishnamurti