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The Great Convergence: The Place to Be on 12.21.12


Well, this is it…2012 is nearly at an end and with that comes the anticipation or curiosity as to where our immediate future takes us and how will it transform us. There are some ancient and sacred sites around the planet that have great meaning on sometimes multidimensional levels. The Giza plateau in Egypt is one of those places and it is where this year The Do Lab will hold perhaps their most incredible superconscious life experience called The Great Convergence.

This event will be a gathering and a focalizing point for the acceleration of our individual and collective conscious evolution into higher, unity-oriented states. That consciousness-raising experience will send tidal waves of unifying positivity throughout society and do its part in our collective evolution to transcend an age where separateness, patriarchy, and various boundary-enforcing -isms exist. December 20th-22nd will be in the minds of many who want something extremely positive to happen to humanity and alter it’s collective evolution.

Since our thoughts shape our reality, this can be an opportunity to collectively create that reality which we hope will supernaturally happen on its own on our own. No extraterrestrials would be needed to save us from ourselves. No violent global uprising would have to happen. No difficult, painful, and confusing future would have to expect us if we simply put aside our differences and lived our lives according to the universal reality of interconnectedness and oneness.

Over the winter solstice (December 20-22, 2012) at the great pyramids of Giza,  the Do Lab and the Great Convergence (TGC) present The Great Convergence -  A three day music event followed by a five-day Nile cruise. The Great Convergence is a calling of the tribes to gather from across the globe for a once in a lifetime experience to intentionally celebrate this potent, transformational time in our lives culminating in a prophesied galactic astronomical alignment that happens once every 26,000 years.

The Great Convergence will include a selection of top electronic music producers and DJs who will musically shift your consciousness. Some of the headliners and acts  from the west coast’s music scene include the following:

Beats Antique


Random Rab




Desert Dwellers

David Starfire

DJ Dragonfly


…plus Moontribe DJs Treavor, Brad, and Dela

Additionally, there will be panels and workshops with various experts to discuss the mysteries of the pyramids and the prophecies of our times. After the three day music event under the pyramids, the journey will continue from December 23rd-28th with a 4 night/5 day Nile River cruise traveling from Luxor to Aswan to explore some of the world’s most ancient temples during the day while evenings will be opportunities for connection and dance on the rooftops of boats under the stars.

Giza alignment 2012

Understanding Giza the Galactic Alignment

The location chosen for The Great Convergence is incredibly significant for many reasons. The Pyramids lie in the center of gravity of the continents. They also lie in the exact center of all the land area of the world, dividing the earth’s land mass into approximately equal quarters. If Giza was to be used as 0° longitude – the prime meridian (it was once proposed to be), all the sacred sites and megaliths around the world line up in an elegant planetary grid. There is an incredible mystique surrounding the Giza plateau and its megalithic structures.

From the possibility of the Sphinx being built way before the Egyptian civilization was in existence to the massive pyramids having multiple purposes such as being power plants, there is no scarcity of enchantment surrounding the location of the Great Convergence. With Giza said to be the Earth’s masculine pole in the planetary energy grid (the island of Moorea being more or less where the planet’s energetic south pole is said to be) the cultivating of unifying energy at the pyramids can have a wonderfully powerful and helpful effect on the collective transpersonal consciousness of the human race.

This particular winter solstice on December 21/22, 2012 not only denotes the completion and renewal of our yearly orbit around the Sun but also culminates in a prophesied galactic alignment that happens once every 26,000 years. This alignment is what many ancient cultures, like the Mayans, were pointing towards with the completion of their calendars.

Some consider this alignment to be the marker of the beginning of a new era or a new age. Some consider this to be a transition into a new paradigm and an evolutionary turning point for the Earth and humanity. We are certain that something is happening and we will generate a lot of energy in our coming together in Egypt. We invite you to come create this magical journey with us and intentionally celebrate this entrance into a new era.

galactic alignment

Become an Infinite Explorer

Remember, we create our own reality. There has perhaps been no other time when this phrase has been more important than now and for the coming months and years. Look at all the things causing pain and suffering these days (extreme climate changes, radiation fallout, oil ‘spill’ disasters, economic crises, populist revolutions, etc). It’s a definitive understanding that nobody actually knows what will occur in the next year or two and what the implications of all that is happening will be. The future is what we make it and that means that we can make a bright future for humanity if we can all come together and focus our intentions in a way that will turn our dreams into reality.

We feel so strongly about the Great Convergence having the potential to accelerate our collective evolution similarly as the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 did. By creating an event that will act as an attractor field and homing beacon for consciously evolved souls, the possibility for an accelerated evolution of collective consciousness is firmly within the realm of possibility. Share, support, and learn from other awakened souls who share the same passion, vision, and quest as you do. They are more than likely going to be coming to this event.

You will notice very quickly that the more you converge with such people, the faster you will feel that you yourself will rise into the highest echelons of consciousness. Feeding off each others’ energy, you will climb, you will fly, you will transcend. Come celebrate the birth of a new humanity with us at the Great Convergence this December with the intention of creating and defining a future that is based on selflessness, unity and boundary dissolution, not selfishness, separateness and divisiveness.

“Go then and make of the world something beautiful, set up a light in the darkness.”          

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What ‘Being in the Present Moment’ Really Means

cosmic meditation presently

These days there is no scarcity of meditation teachers that will tell you not to think about the future or they will say that you should completely ignore it, at least during meditation. However, this is not what Buddha taught according to the Pali Canon.

The Buddha made it clear that actions have both short-term consequences and long-term consequences. That is why the Buddha instructs Rahula (his son) to constantly evaluate his actions before doing them, while doing them, and after doing them.

The purpose of ‘being in the present moment’ during meditation is not to set up a pleasant chillout zone where you can relax. Rather, being in that moment of is-ness we form our intentions in that present moment of existence. Our intentions are the foundation of our actions…remember that all thought is creative and our thoughts shape our reality. If our mind is lost somewhere else, fantasizing about imaginal realities then we aren’t able to watch our intentions as they form, and as a result we don’t have as much control in the shaping of our lives as we would like to.

The primary reason you stay in the present moment is to watch your mental actions and intentions as they form and to examine if they are skillful or unskillful and if they lead to harmful or harmless consequences. Those consequences may be immediate or they may be long-term well into the future. Try not to ignore the future but also be mindful to not get lost in fantasizing about it either.

Is Lending Immoral?

The question I want to address is whether it is inherently immoral to lend money with interest. It came up in a conversation where one fellow struggled with seeing bankers as people who make their money immorally. I thought it a rather silly notion at first, but this was a friend for whom I have a high degree of respect and I have learned not to stick my neck out too far because he always has reasons for saying what he does. So I took this question back to my workplace and prefaced the question with Luke 6:34 “And if you lend to those from whom you expect to receive, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, to get back the same amount.” I asked four people who were within earshot and everyone of them quickly replied that they also thought banking (lending with interest) to be inherently immoral. I was shocked and began to wonder if I was the weird one. I wanted to devote a bit more thought to it and this post represents, not a settled conviction, but a working out of this issue. So I welcome any who would like to share their thoughts.
As it turns out, I am not the first person to ask the question. On the one hand Ambrose wrote: “If anyone commits usury, he commits robbery and no longer has life.” Thomas Aquinas also said, “Hence it is by its very nature unlawful to take payment for the use of money lent, which payment is known as usury: and just as a man is bound to restore other ill-gotten goods, so is he bound to restore the money which he has taken in usury.”
On the other hand, we have Richard Baxter who said that “Usury, or interest bargains, are not forbidden by the Law of Moses, only with the poor and to the brethren if done unmercifully.” Further, Francis Turretin said, “all practice of usury is neither prohibited in the law, nor is it opposed to equity and honesty.”
Perhaps it will be uncontroversial to say that banking can be immoral. There are certainly instances when banks have used their power and position to oppress or abuse. It occurs today, and it was particularly prevalent in the middle ages. But the question is whether in every manifestation of it, lending with interest, immoral? Is immorality inherent to the practice? That is what I’d like to try to flesh out over several posts. Please give me your thoughts.

Music for Meditation: Evluvium – Taken

eluvium banner

Eluvium, otherwise known as Matthew Cooper, is an amazing music artist that crates a new kind of ambient journey with his droned out sounds and melodies that incorporate very delicate guitar harmonics within a universe of mesmerizing warm yet contemplative sound. His track Taken is a beautiful song to use in a meditation where you are wishing to experience an out of body-like experience. With the light distortion towards the end of the journey Taken leads you on, you can feel yourself going into an ethereal trance where time no longer limits you and you can allow yourself to fully embrace the timelessness of higher-dimensional existence. Enjoy.

Spiritual Evolution Through Intimacy

intimacy sensuality spiritual evolution

Intimacy is a path of spiritual evolution. It is through love and the expression of sensuality that connects us to divinity. Our lovers act as mirrors to reveal both our light and our shadow. In their eyes we can find the places within where we still need to grow and affirm how amazing we truly are.

Scarlet Amor