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Now Never Ends

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The present moment dies every moment to become the past, is reborn every moment into the future. All experience is now. Now never ends.

Deepak Chopra

September 21st: A Day to Think About Global Peace

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Today is September 21st, the day officially recognized by the UN and worldwide as The International Day of Peace. At this time of transition between summer and fall, people all over the world become extra mindful of not only the reality of today (that we do not have global peace) but also the vision of tomorrow (a world united through the wish of mutual peace).

Everyone would like to have a life that lacks pain, suffering, and harm being caused to themselves and their loved ones. With each person wishing to have a peaceful life and state of mind for themselves at the very least, that means nobody would be left our of the dream circle of peace. Taking this one step further, given the absolute reality that everything in the universe, in our reality, is interconnected, peace is only limited by us. Everything is connected to everything else, and that includes each one of us to each other. With such a deeply intimate connection between everyone and everything, it begs to question why we as humans seem to forget about this reality of interconnection.

There can be no sustainable future without a sustainable peace.

With the recent violence by offended egos in the Middle East most prominantly, as well as tension about imaginary lines on the planet in places such as Japan and China, having our minds focused on global peace is especially important right now. Acts that cause suffering to others only help promote a world where there is greater boundary enforcement, greater division, and greater struggle towards ever seeing a truly peaceful world.

How do we get from where the world is today to where we envision it being? The greatest accelerator towards international peace is respect…respecting what makes us all different and not putting up boundaries inbetween each other because of an ego-based fear of some aspect of another’s look, lifestyle, behavior or something else.

What boundary dissolution does is dissolve the us vs. them mentality that only serves to create division among humanity and the environment we share. Remember that our consciousness creates our reality. The thoughts we conjure up and project into the world can become realized manifestations that can have monumental implications and outcomes. The projection of such negative thoughts would have the effect of continuing the process of boundary-erection and the division of our human family.

This year marks the 30th year the International Day of Peace has been celebrated. Let’s not let another 30 years go by with as much hostility occur as has since the first day we became globally mindful of international peace. Let’s not just give lip service to peace, let’s have it in the forefront of our minds and live our lives with the intention of peace. Having international peace isn’t a pipe dream. The only thing stopping us from seeing a peaceful society and world is us. It’s time to become serious about peace and not allow it to be a cliche figure of speech. Together we can make it happen.

Music for Meditation: Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind is a collection beautiful harmonics created in a way that will absolutely lower your brainwaves to such a degree that you cannot help it but feel inner peace. It’s described as being “deeply relaxing sedative music created by Lose Angeles composer and producer Chuck Wild. His tranquil and beautiful soundscapes are specially designed to reduce anxiety and promote sleep and excellent health.” I personally enjoy these meditations with light Japanese incense in order to enhance the meditations and recommend it if you are looking to create a truly sacred space that invites peace and tranquility into your being.

You can head over to Liquid Mind’s website to explore the entire series of meditation music and take your meditations to unparalleled levels. There is also a special 5 minute meditation offered here that can revitalize your soul and have your mind feeling at ease in such a way that you will not allow the various difficulties of your daily life to bring you down. Read the instructions and listen to the special serene meditation music offered for free and melt away any worries or concerns you may have.

The Ultimate Realization

When you find yourself, who you really are, you will find that everybody and everything is One.

Swami Amar Jyoti